Published: May 11th, 2019 at 09:44 am



Cleveland Deburring Machine Company or CDMC, is a team of highly experienced designers and manufacturers of deburring equipment.

We pride ourselves on connecting with each customer on a technical level to achieve the best possible solution for your application.

We offer many different methods of deburring, and have alliances with companies who specialize in other areas of metal finishing so that we can assist you with any deburring application.

Deburring Solutions


Gear Deburring Applications

CDMC has developed special expertise in gear deburring techniques and applications. We’re bound to have a solution to your deburring problem.



Sprocket Deburring Applications

We know sprocket deburring and we’ve built and delivered many solutions which help our customers’ bottom line stay in the black.



Aerospace & Defense Deburring Applications

CDMC has acquired lots of experience in deburring exotic metals like titanium for the Aerospace & Defense Industries. Here are a few examples in the aerospace industry.

Mission critical parts require mission critical manufacturing processes and CDMC is providing reliable solutions to some of the biggest names in aeronautics.



Power Transmission Deburring Applications

CDMC provides winning solutions to all types of power transmission deburring applications. Whether you need a single deburring machine or an entire deburring cell, CDMC can deliver.

Our deburring machines are helping our customers control costs, quality and output.



Powdered Metals Deburring Applications

CDMC is a leader in green powder deburring technology. Some greenware is more fragile than others and CDMC has developed a solution for every deburring need.

Sturdier greenware is well suited for deburring. with one of our Mag series machines. This series is very adaptable and available in sizes to accommodate large or small output needs. For those parts that are too fragile or cannot be magnetized before sintering, the 4000 series is a good solution.


Fluid Power Deburring Applications

Fluid power components come in all shapes, sizes and materials. Regardless of the situation, CDMC has the solution to your fluid power deburring needs.



Other Applications


Material Removal & Stripping Deburring Machine

CDMC designed a deburring machine to quickly strip friction material from steel backing plates. A single wire brush removes one inch width of 1/16” thick material on a 12” disc in about 60 seconds.

Coolant is applied to keep the brush and the parts from overheating. Built as an operator loaded machine, it can also be integrated with auto-loaders.



Aluminum Finishing

CDMC commissioned and built to apply a brushed finish to aluminum sheets, which are later punched and stamped into their final shape as front-load washing machine doors.

The output requirements were fairly small in scale, which made an operator loaded machine the perfect solution. Sheets are loaded by hand and the machine handles the rest. The sheet is automatically advanced and trapped by stops. A vacuum table secures the sheet as the brush platen lowers to contact it.



Honing & Polishing Machine

Honing & polishing mission-critical (no defects allowed) fluid fittings for use in the semiconductor manufacturing industry, these fittings carry unstable gases in potentially volatile atmospheres, so any leakage can wreak havoc in the factory.

Using a variety of media, each part is honed and polished on multiple surfaces in a six stage sequence.

Automatic application of compounds and lubricants keeps production continuous. Modular cassettes are pre-loaded for placement on the indexing platen. This machine delivers results for this critical application.




Model 9005 De-scaling Deburr Machine

The Model 9005 De-scaling machine is designed to remove the scale from cast counter-balancers in preparation for the turning process. The presence of scale during turning greatly reduced tool life and created quality control issues.

This machine uses a pair of wire brushes which travel the length of the part. An auxiliary grinder is available to remove a casting defect expected to develop in the mold over time. The process adequately prepares the part for successful turning.