Walsh / Rotary Style Parts Washing System

Published: May 22nd, 2019 at 02:38 am

Rotary Style Parts Washing System


Rotary Drum style washers are one of the most common utilized systems for cleaning of non-critical parts. Rotary drum style are available as single stage or multiple stage including drying. The drum is designed to process parts on a volumetric basis. Drums can be continuous flow or “Batch” style. In the continuous design, there are various stages of solid and perforated zones. Each stage consists of both the solid (soak) and perforated (rinse/drain) areas.

Combination units consist of multiples of these zones. The rotary washer design enables separation of the various zones and minimizes cross contamination of solutions.

In a “Batch” rotary, the parts are held in the process portion of the drum for each of the functions.

The drum is rotated in a reverse mode with the parts and solutions. The solutions are returned to their proper reservoir and the drum is filled with the next stage of cleaning. Once the parts have gone through the complete cycle, which may also include drying, the drum is reversed and the parts are discharged through a helix portion of the drum. The “Batch” style may also add a slight “Deburring” function to the parts due to the part on part action.