• Industrial Maintenance Electricians
  • Machine Operators
  • Safety Supervisors
  • Part Inspectors / Quality Technicians
  • Manufacturing Engineers
  • Mechanical Maintenace Technicians

SFI de Mexico Contract services and employees set a new standard of for the manufacturing companies in Mexico.   

The difference is in the business orientation, value setting, and the profound technical training provided to our employees.  A new level of skills and knowledge is being taught and brought to Mexico.   When you  first meet our employees you will find a clear difference in the attitude,  technical knowledge and knowledge of your business.  We are sure you will want to experience the difference when you require key new resources for your organization. 

Most other outsource companies are providing you bodies while we are providing a skilled resource with  knowledge of your business and requirements for each position.

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Our Partners

  • Cleveland Deburring Machine Company

SFI de Mexico or Solutions for Industry of Mexico

.As our name implies our organization provides solutions, solutions that fit our individual customers’ needs. Our technical foundation is with electrical controls design, programming, service and integrating systems.

We have been using this foundation for more than 20 years to provide an array of support work to make machine tools and automation equipment operate successfully in their production environment.

Services and News